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Muse is a documentary on an Artist model that picks up a still camera and video camera and makes the painter the subject (Muse) very much like Dora Marr and Picasso.

Peter Churcher is a realist painter who was appointed the Official War Artist to paint the War against Terrorism. He was situated in Melbourne before being given a grant by the Australian Government to paint in Spain (Barcelona). He now resides in Spain and has been there for the past 2 years.

During his time in Melbourne he discovered a young model, Simon Lamb. Simon was young and full of energy. He went into each sitting with Peter with no pretence open to all sorts of discussions. Simon became a decade long model for Peter and they formed a close relationship. Peter would always find new ideas for paintings through this young energetic boy.

Simon was a keen photographer and video maker who found Peter an interesting subject. He started filming and documenting Peter’s paintings. After every 20 minute session he would take a photo showing the progression of the painting. Simon interviewed Peter discussing what went on at each stage of the painting making it quite educational. Simon found that the subject matter was an interesting exploration of a painting and decided to have an exhibition showcasing this.

Simon met up with Peter at the Australian galleries for his fist exhibition in Melbourne after spending a year in Spain. Simon filmed Peter running through each painting detailing what mindset he was in and why he choses to paint these paintings. He filmed People in the industry like, Betty Churcher, Lewis Miller, Phillip Bacon, Bruce Armstrong, Stuart Purvis and many more. He has been to William Ikolt and Lewis millers Studios to discuss how they use life models, and filmed Peter’s exhibition in Brisbane after Peter spent 2 years in Spain

Simon met up with Peter in Spain (Barcelona) and was shown around, seeing the stunning city scape, the Gaudi buildings and all the wonders of Barcelona all captured in stunning High definition. We see Peter do a painting of Simon along with meeting Peters new Muse. We have a set up interview with Peter, who runs through his love of Spain and why he left Australia. We also see Peter outside in the middle of Barcelona, painting a shop front. We are confronted with the audience being people passing by, we see there reactions to the painting and Peters interaction in Spanish.

The documentary will be narrated by Simon Lamb and through an interview with Betty Churcher we will hear about Peter’s childhood and education. We will see in-depth discussion on Peter’s development of a painting; giving the viewer a detailed educational look at an artist’s point of view. It will put the viewer right in the middle of the exhibitions, giving a detailed description of the paintings by Peter. It will touch on Peters being appointed the Official War Artist in the war against terror. It will show the beauty of Barcelona and the beauty of his work

It will appeal to a wide audience from art lovers to the normal jo blogs who wants to know more about how painters paint and the relationship that they have with Artist models.
This film gives an interesting insight to the art would through the Muses eyes.
This film is shot with a High definition camera. It could be a Half hour documentary or a 59 minute documentary.

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